• This application uses cutting-edge technology to create a comprehensive learning tool that encompasses the principal aspects that you need to know about vaginal hysterectomy. It includes interactive, state-of-the-art, dynamic 3-D animation that lets you appreciate, with accurate detail, what takes place inside a woman's body during surgery from unique angles and perspectives that you've never seen before

• It incorporates a concept of interactivity in which the user can control what, when and how information is accessed (video, text, audio, 3-D dynamic animation). There are included 6 lectures with a total of 153 slides, 49 videos, 112 screens with text and drawings and 10 Tridimensional Interactive animations.

• The most innovating factor of the company Medscience Animation Studios is the integration of graphical computational modeling tools applied to the anatomical complexity of the pelvic area showing the results of such integration in a highly interactive tri-dimensional visual representation with state of the art visualization software. This technological integration is identified as DySA™ ( Dynamic Surgical Animation ) . The dynamic animations generated constitute a plausible representation of the dynamic behavior of the female pelvic floor. It offers an interactive visual tool that supplements other training received in the area of gynecological surgery techniques.

Octacílio Figueirêdo Netto, MD includes the most valuable information to perform the surgical technique including topics frm the basic aspects until a very detail explanation of tips to avoid complications. The main topics of his course are including , such as : :

History, Advantages, Patient Selection and Preparation

Standard Technique and Details to Optimize Resultss

Transvaginal Morcellation of the Large Uteruso

Overcoming the Difficult Vaginal Hysterectomyl

Adnexal Surgery During Vaginal Hysterectomyl

Tips on Prevention and Treatment of Complications

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