Hysterectomy is the most common major surgical procedure in gynecology. Vaginal hysterectomy was once used almost exclusively in cases of uterine prolapse, but with modern techniques and instrumentation, more and more surgeons are expanding its indications to include non-prolapsed uteri with fibroids, the most common indication for this operation. The advantages of the vaginal approach are indisputable, and include faster operative and anesthesia time, lower incidence of complications, less postoperative pain with a faster return to normal activities, and lower medical costs.

Modern techniques and instrumentation have allowed the gynecologic surgeon to expand the indications for vaginal hysterectomy. Once performed almost exclusively in cases of prolapse, more and more surgeons are now using the vaginal route for non-prolapsed uteri with fibroids, the most common indication for this operation.

In the 21 st century there are many learning tools available for those interested in performing vaginal hysterectomy safely and effectively. One can read a textbook with a detailed description and illustration of the various steps of the procedure; one can attend a lecture discussing tips on how to tackle the difficult vaginal hysterectomy, thus avoiding potential complications; one can watch an edited surgical video where the surgeon shares his or her experience on how to abbreviate the learning curve.

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This application uses cutting-edge technology to provide a comprehensive learning tool that encompasses everything you need to know about vaginal hysterectomy with the direction of the world-reknowned Octacílio Figueirêdo Netto, MD , PhD . It starts from patient selection to morcellation techniques to dealing with unexpected drawbacks, among others. It includes interactive, state-of-art dynamic 3-D animations that will allow you to appreciate crucial details of what is happening inside the woman's body during surgery, in unique views and angles that have never been shown before.

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