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Summary ( English )

New Frontiers of Visualization for Learning VAGINAL HYSTERECTOMY

This interactive publication includes a detailed explanation of the technique of non-prolapse vaginal hysterectomy based on the experiences of Dr. Octacilio Figueiredo Netto from Londrina, Brazil, who has conducted 33 training courses and trained over 2000 gynecologists. The publication presents the issues related to each phase of the technique with a completely new presentation, integrating explanatory text, diagrams, videos, and interactive three-dimensional animations. It sets forth the fundamentals of proper use of instruments and their interaction with the associated anatomy. It also highlights issues such as transvaginal uterine morcellation, difficult vaginal hysterectomies, and uterine adnexal surgery during a vaginal hysterectomy, and offers suggestions on how to prevent and treat complications. ( more information here )

Resumen ( Español )

Nuevas Fronteras de Visualización para Aprender HISTERECTOMIA VAGINAL

Esta publicación interactiva incluye explicación detallada de la técnica de Histerectomía Vaginal sin prolapso según la experiencia del Dr Octacilio Figueiredo de Londrina, Brazil quien ha realizado 33 cursos de entrenamiento. Se presentan los aspectos relacionados con cada una de las fases de la técnica con una presentación completamente novedosa que integra texto explicativo, diagramas, videos y animaciones tridimensionales interactivas, en las cuales se pueden apreciar aspectos fundamentales de la utilización correcta del instrumental y de su interacción con la anatomía asociada a la técnica. Se destacan también temas como son morcelización transvaginal del útero grande, la histerectomía vaginal difícil, cirugía adnexal uterina durante una histerectomía vaginal, así como sugerencias para prevenir y tratar complicaciones. ( más información acá )



Dr. Octacílio Figueirêdo Netto graduated at the Universidade Estadual de Londrina/Brazil and concluded his residency training at the prestigious Santa Casa de São Paulo, where he also obtained his PhD in Gynecologic Surgery. He was a fellow of Vaginal and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery under supervision of world-reknowned S. Robert Kovac, Emeritus Professor of Gynecologic Surgery at Emory University in Atlanta/USA. He also expanded his knowledge and improved his surgical technique under tutelage of Drs. Marco Pelosi in New Jersey/USA and Giambatista Massi in Florence/Italy (more..)

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