Octacílio Figueirêdo Netto, MD


Dr. Octacílio Figueirêdo Netto graduated at the Universidade Estadual de Londrina/Brazil and concluded his residency training at the prestigious Santa Casa deSão Paulo, where he also obtained his Phd in Gynecologic Surgery.

After residency he performed his postgraduate studies at the Hammersmith Hospital in London/England and Hôpital Antoine-Beclérè in Paris/France.

He was a fellow of Vaginal and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery under supervision of world-reknowned S. Robert Kovac, Emeritus Professor of Gynecologic Surgery at Emory University in Atlanta/USA. He also expanded his knowledge and improved his surgical technique under tutelage of Drs. Marco Pelosi in New Jersey/USA and Giambatista Massi in Florence/Italy.

Dr. Octacílio and his late father are considered one of the pioneers and main proponents of Vaginal Surgery in Latin America, particularly regarding vaginal hysterectomy in the absence of prolapse and modern surgical techniques for treatment of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. After passing of his father Octacílio Senior in 2011, a surgeon widely recognized as one of the leading authorities on the subject in Brazil, Dr. Octacílio Netto has kept his legacy by continuing to stage the Advanced Vaginal Surgery Courses in Londrina/Brazil, in its 33rd edition as of this writing( www.cirurgiavaginal.com.br ), where more than 3000 doctors from all corners of Brazil and Latin America have come to learn and improve their skills.

Dr. Octacílio Figueirêdo Netto is Adjunct Professor of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Londrina State University since 1995. He has lectured extensively in Brazil and abroad, and is the author of numerous scientific papers, book translations, books chapters, as well as two books and DVDs which are references in Brazil - Histerectomia Vaginal and Atlas de Cirurgia do Assoalho Pélvico. More recently, he has partnered with Medscience Animations Studios to launch the innovative tablet application New Frontiers of Visualization for Learning Vaginal Hysterectomy, Atlas de Cirugía de Piso Pélvico and Anatomía Aplicada a Cirugía de Piso Pélvico, a cutting-edge technological tool for further teaching and dissemination of the art and science of Vaginal Surgery worldwide.

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