These are fascinating times of technological changes that often exceed our expectations. The convergence of different technologies is already a reality in our daily lives. A very important function of innovative companies like Medscience Animations Studios Inc. is to integrate all these technologies to facilitate training and dissemination of surgical techniques.

There is a summary of incredible advances that are all integrated in our services.. The company Medscience Animations Studios has named this integration of technologies as DynSA™ ( Dynamic Surgical Animations). DynSA™ involves unique portability technologies through a tablet, a high efficiency software that allows processors to be executed in tablets to animate three-dimensional models, last generation of mathematical simulation models of dynamic states to create plausible reality that facilitates the learning process. Additionally it incorporates a concept of interactivity where the user can control what, when and how the information you want to access (video,text,audio., 3-D animation, Internet, etc..) as well as the ability to control and interact with three dimensional visualization animations to identify certain aspects of the stage of the surgery for a better comprehension.



Medscience Animations Studios Inc. is a visual media Company specialized in visualization, modeling and simulation of the female reproductive organs using state of the art design tools. Our Mission is to provide a visual platform for a better understanding of the anatomy, biomechanical modeling, surgical techniques and interaction with medical and novelty devices for the improvement of the quality of life of the women.

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